в футболе называется скрипичный? за лучший ответ 10b

что в футболе называют treble ?
за лучший ответ 10б

  1. The Treble is a term in football that refers to a club winning their countrys top tier league, primary domestic cup and continental level cup competition in the same season. In general, these may be referred to as the European Treble (often referred to as The Treble) — for a UEFA confederation team winning their domestic league, primary domestic cup and European Cup (UEFA Champions League since 1992) in the same season, the Continental Treble — the equivalent of the European Treble for a different confederation and often over a calendar year and the Domestic Treble — consisting of domestic league and two domestic cup wins.

    The FA Community Shield (or other similar minor trophies), the one-off UEFA Super Cup or those from other confederations), domestic Super Cups (such as the Supercoppa Italiana, Supercopa de Espa#241;a), Intercontinental Cup, or FIFA Club World Cup are rarely counted as part of any treble.

    It is possible to win more than three top tier trophies in a single season — in most countries, the maximum possible is four or The Quadruple. This has been achieved only once — by Celtic in 1967, and is considered a superior achievement to The Treble.

    A distinct Treble is the International Treble, consisting of major international level continental cup (for UEFA, the European Championships), the FIFA World Cup and the Confederations Cup. It differs from other trebles in that it is impossible to win in a single season or calendar year; a nation achieving the International treble is considered to be the holder of all three trophies at the same time.

    It is possible to win three other trophies in a single season, notably in Europe due to the presence of the lower level UEFA Cup (and formerly, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup) and two domestic cup competitions in some countries (in England, the FA Cup and League Cup). This has led to controversy, particularly in English football, with regards to the use of the term The Treble or Treble as a proper noun. The naming controversy has primarily arisen due to the rivalry between 1999 European Treble winners Manchester United and Liverpool, winners of the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and Football League Cup in 2001. However, there is little evidence that Liverpool, its players or local press ever referred to the victory by the proper noun «The Treble»:123 instead they descriptively referred to Liverpools 2002 victories solely as «the treble», distinguishing from Manchester Uniteds greater achievement.45 Manchester United fans derided Liverpools combination as a Mickey Mouse Treble in comparison to their 1999 European Treble.6 Izvini chto na russkom ne nashel

  2. treble chance тройной шанс (разновидность футбольного тотализатора, участники которого должны назвать ничейные результаты)
  3. Это тройной шанс (разновидность футбольного тотализатора, участники которого должны назвать ничейные результаты) .
  4. Ну это явно кокой то финт…
  5. может это так называемый хет-трик, когда один клуб за сезон выигрывает 3 трофея? например как МЮ в сезоне 98/99гг выиграл ЛЧ, АПЛ и Кубок Англии.
  6. золотой дубль что ли)
  7. Хэт-трик

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